What I Do….What Do You Need?

Whenever someone asks for my “elevator pitch” I have to stop and think. That’s because  I’ve done so much. “Been there done that” with global technology companies, lean startups, and nonprofits. (Tip: tailor your pitch to the audience.)

As a generalist, I offer you extensive experience. Market research and analysis; strategic planning (and implementation); investor pitches; sales and sales training; marketing communications; distribution programs;and finance. I’ve built and led international teams, advise CEOs, and been a founder in several startups. So, I know how all the pieces fit (or should) for success. (Tip: Avoid silos and hire people who know more than you do.)

I love a challenge and solving problems. Sometimes you’re simply too close to your business (or nonprofit) to see the best way forward. That’s where I can help. I don’t do consultant happy talk or give boilerplate advice. As one client noted, “I love that you don’t sugar coat things!” Let’s focus on results, and have some fun doing it. (Tip: There’s a critical difference between optimism and magical thinking. Customers (and donors) aren’t spreadsheets.)

Some Results Delivered:

  • Successful international service product launch (fast track 90 days schedule);
  • Successful IPO for a DVD firmware company;
  • Clarification of marketing focus for a VSaaS entrepreneur;
  • Personally identifying, qualifying and closing the second marquee account for a health/medical software start-up;