Monthly Archives: August 2009

Why People Don’t Succeed?

I’ve been thinking lately about all the gurus out there that are on the speaking circuit and sell their product from stage. I’m talking about people who are in the speaking arena within the personal development, internet marketing, business, property and other high demand industries. These people all have success stories and have achieved a level of success within their lives. Many of them are highly qualified to teach you and to pass their knowledge onto you. Usually after their presentation they often have a course to sell you which is often priced at a few thousand dollars. These courses are the “complete and comprehensive how tos” in whatever industry they are in.

Many frequent seminar goers have become immune to these sells and often never purchase anything on the day as they understand the process of selling from stage and the hype that is generated within the room. On the other hand many people do get caught up in the hype and spend thousand of dollars in hope this course will make them more money, make them more happy or give them more freedom just like the speaker promised.

As you may have noticed the two paragraphs I just wrote give you a a connotation that I feel that many of the speakers on the the speaking circuit are scammers selling you dud products. My opinion is quite the contrary. I have been and still go to my fair share of seminars and talks and have even been involved in running some myself. I understand how it all works and how money and sales are made. I know most of these people on the circuit have great stories and experienced great success. They may exaggerate aspects in order to further capture you but no doubt many do walk the talk. Their products are often solid and contain great value in the content that is contained. The information is usually great and if implemented can give people great results.

The question and issue I have been pondering on is if these speakers walk the talk (which I believe many do) and if their products are solid and really good value (which I also believe many are) then why do so many of the people who purchase these products see next to no results and get no where. It hit me when the company that I work for ran a positive cashflow property seminar. The seminar was great and the vibe was electric. One of my friends purchased a $3500 positive cashflow property course. The event was about 2 months ago and at the event my friend told me to collect the product for him. To this day I still have his product in my garage. I have asked him numerous times if he wants it but he keeps telling me that he has no space and he will make some space first.

So this makes it very clear why no results have occurred. The box is still unopened. So in this case it have nothing to do with the speaker or the product but simply the lack of urgency from the consumer. This led to to think about this issue further and really think why so little people take action after seminars and in life generally. I came to the conclusion that people often settle for less. As humans we settle for the comfortable and it is only two people in this world that succeed and take action. They are:

1) People who are forced to. They are perhaps backed into a corner financially and really need to “HUSTLE” as Gary Vaynerchuk would say to get the cranks moving. These people are put in a position that changes their entire perspective and they realize that something drastic needs to be done to turn things around. They begin “Hustling” to the top.

2) People who’s want for the desired result exceeds their willingness to continue the comfort they experience in their day to day life. Their why to work that extra bit and to put things into action is very strong and crushes their willingness to simply be content with their current situation. They may have great jobs and a great life but they are simply not willing to settle for that. They have a hunger to succeed and make something of themselves or create something. This hunger can’t be taught but can be created. Once you have it you will be on fire but once loss you will be as useful as a screendoor in a submarine.

The more I thought about these two types of people the more I realized this doesn’t just apply to taking action after seminars and talks. This applies to freedom, business, health and every aspect of anyone’s life. I truly feel these are the only two types of people that are able to succeed and take action in their lives, whether that be financially, socially, health-wise or even with your family . You need to really work and at most times it won’t be easy. You can’t sit on the couch and play Nintendo or watch TV, you need to be out in the trenches working your ass off to get what you want.